Our Manufacturing Process

OAKTREE’s state of the art manufacturing process combines the efficiency of modern manufacturing and the quality of traditional craftsmanship.

A quick video of our Manufacturing process and Quality Control.

The Edge Banding Machine offers durable and aesthetically pleasing trim edges.

Our kitchens are built from the ground up, according to the individual specifications of each customer. In this case, all the cabinet pieces are stacked together after they have been edge banded.

The boards are cut into specific pieces based on the design specifications.

The material storage area is designed to keep plywood, veneers & laminates in horizontal position. This eliminates any kind of warping associated with material storage and maximizes edge integrity.

Our state of the art industrial table saw machine offers precision cuts.

These are the modular pieces that have been, cut, edge banded, labeled and are ready for packaging.

In order to ensure consistency across an entire project, all cabinet pieces are built on the same line where they are cut, packaged and loaded for shipping.

A look at our craftsman working on custom wooden panels using traditional carpentry methods.

The computer aided panel drilling machine ensures all the holes drilled in each panel match perfectly.

A look at our Engineering department working on the projects at hand.

A look at our hardware department that stocks and handles all imported components.