Milan 2016

Every year I look forward to mid-April, that’s when all roads lead to Milan, the definitive destination for design. I remember my first visit many years ago, I was in awe!

“What’s new?” is a such a common question from everyone there that you soon become tired of hearing it very quickly. Sometimes you see something new and at other times you see things in a new way. The latter is what I like about a destination that is a confluence of the world’s top designers and brands.

Natural materials like stone, wood, metal are as old as earth itself (some of them at least), what’s new there though, is the way we look at its aesthetic and usage. Engineered materials are becoming increasingly realistic. What’s new are the methods to balance usage of natural, engineered and recycled materials.

Am I still in awe? Maybe not. Will I look forward to the April of 2017? Most definitely!