Steps to an Orderly Kitchen

1. Empty all the cabinets and draws

Empty out each cabinet and draw, next inspect all the contents and ask yourself if each object is essential to you or not. If there is even a slight feeling that you can live without it, then discard it or gift it to someone who you think might find it useful.

2. Group and organize

Now that you have only the essentials, you can group everything that you have into categories, based on function or even activity. For example: you can store the rolling pins close to where you like to roll out the rotis. You could even keep a small container of flour close to the spot. Or you could group all the things into general categories like spices, grains, cutlery, utensils and vessels. Place each group in a separate cabinet, you could even consider labelling cabinets and containers so you always know where things are.

3. Containers

Transparent containers will let you see what is inside and if you use similar containers then your kitchen will look more organized.

4. Rotating trays

Rotating trays are a brilliant way to organize small containers like those that contain spices. Without the rotating tray, the spice containers might be arranged in two or more rows, with access to the spices at the back being inconvenient. With rotating trays, this inconvenience is eliminated and it becomes easy to access each container – just turn the tray.

5. Try to use hooks and hangers in the kitchen

Always try to use hooks and hangers in the kitchen if you can drill holes in the walls and cabinets. These hooks and hangers are the perfect way to store glasses and utensils, it works as the perfect spot for you cooking cloth too!

6. Use modular dividers/organizers

Draws can quickly become a place where things are piled together, consider using some organising tray or band to segregate the contents of the draw into smaller groups

7. Clear up the dining table

The dining table usually becomes the place where bills are inspected and then left. Over a period, the billing start piling up and soon you won’t have place to eat. Consider using something like refrigerator magnets or a magnetic plate on the wall to stick the bills where you can always see them.