Our Kitchens are “German Inside, Indian Outside”

We use German parts and technology to cater to the sensibilities of Indian customers in a way that creates the ultimate reflection of each person’s needs and wants from a kitchen.

Wok and Wood

This kitchen has been designed to fully facilitate a diverse cooking style by providing the user with open and closed storage. The black granite counter tops provide a beautiful contrast to the wooden elements, and the lacquer panels of the storage shelves.

Wok and Wood
Poised Curiosity

Poised Curiosity

Through the use of a light coloured theme with metal accents, and contrasted only by the black stove top, an elegance is achieved in this kitchen that sets the stage for bright and beautiful cooking. Think of it as a beautiful laboratory, at the centre of which is always the food produced. Shelves are present everywhere on three sides to provide ample storage to hold everything imaginable to facilitate these experiments. So, are you ready to dabble with the elements and produce food fit for yourself and your loved ones?

Haldi and Sphagetti

Bright colours are synonymous with Indian cooking. The spices, the aromas, the curries and the chutneys have always been colourful, while western cuisine is less so, with muted and light colours dominating the cuisine. Western cuisine is all about simplicity that celebrates each ingredient on its own.

Haldi and Spaghetti
Elegance and Awe

Elegance and Awe

What is better than a simple line kitchen built out of superior materials? One whose sophistication, only the keenest and most perceptive of eyes will notice? This kitchen is built for those who appreciate simple and sturdy construction that is built to last. No fuss, and only quality everywhere. Think of it as a warhorse, meant to perform superlatively in an Indian setting, and leave people in awe of its brilliance. While it looks small, this kitchen has enough storage capacity for even the most avid collector of kitchenware.

Simply Superbia

This kitchen is designed to be inviting and simple to use, while maintaining an unapologetic air of perfection. The centre island provides a large surface on which to work one. It is an excellent place to do prep work, finish dishes before serving them, and plate them immediately after. The centre island is also provided with storage, on both the stove facing and outside facing side, providing much needed storage for articles related to the cooking process. The other side of the island is a space where different collectibles can be displayed. The tall storage provides more than sufficient storage for ingredients and anything else you might put in it.

Simply Superbia
Luxuria and Avaritia

Luxuria and Avaritia

This kitchen is designed with elegance and richness of texture in mind. The hardwood veneers and the marble countertops work together to create an extremely regal atmosphere, one that invites you in and whets your appetite. The wood veneers create a sense of life within the kitchen, which adds to the atmosphere. The kitchen is provided with a tremendous amount of storage to match its atmosphere, while the inset induction stove allows a continuity of surface that this kitchen would be incomplete without.

Rose and Stone

Architectural aesthetic meets the colour pink in this kitchen that has been designed around confident functionality. The grey Chaesarstone countertop and grey quartz backsplash make the design effortlessly stylish and elegant while providing the necessary contrast to bring the entire design together. The rolling shutter provides a quick access to kitchen appliances while hiding them away when they are not in use, and the tool and ingredient organizer, mounted on the backsplash right next to the prep and cooking area, provides easy access to the tools and ingredients that you can’t do without.

Rose and Stone

Soul curry

This compact feature-rich straight line kitchen, neatly tucked in between two walls is ideal for a smaller house.

Material palette: Black High Gloss, Turmeric Yellow Glass, Indian Black Galaxy Granite.

My Grandmother’s Tales

This kitchen features a classic design in solid wood. The theme for this kitchen is the Rubbu-Kallu (grinding stone) which is integral to a Traditional South Indian home.

Material palette: Solid American Oak, Porcelain handles.

The Burma-Italian Love Affair

This kitchen comes equipped with an island counter extending out to offer an elegant dining space within the kitchen. The design offers plenty of storage and a space for various household chores.

Material palette: Burma teak, Italian statuario marble.

The Dark Knight

You will be surprised how much storage this compact kitchen can offer you. This kitchen has plenty of drawers that offer both ease of use and storage efficiency.

Material palette: Wood Grained High Gloss, Indian Black Granite.

Reddy’s Golden Touch

This contemporary kitchen design has integrated utility value offering a larger working space. The kitchen also offers low seating with storage underneath.

Material palette: White High Gloss, Dark Stained American Oak Veneer, Titanium Gold Granite

Bela’s Perfect Blue

This is a unique kitchen both in its layout and colour. A ‘T’ shaped kitchen designed by OAKTREE, providing space for tall units while offering the convenience and openness of an island counter.

Material palette: Oxygen High Gloss, White Quartz, Natural American Oak wood

Champagne’s Best Friend

This contemporary design with a breakfast-cum-bar counter offers a stunning combination of high gloss and grain matched veneer.

Material palette: Champagne high gloss, natural American walnut veneer, artificial solid surface.