Ways to Clean a Kitchen Less Often

Comprehensively cleaning the Kitchen, a couple of times a year is a good idea, but what about the rest of the time? A regular cleaning habit and schedule reduces the amount of work done over a period of time and can make the person using the kitchen happier to cook. Here are some ideas for regular cleaning.

  1. Start with an empty sink and an empty dishwasher as well, if you use one. This is a simple suggestion that will help you every time you cook. Before you cook, clean up all the dirty dishes, that way you can clean the newly used dishes and utensils as you cook.
  2. Clean filters that were used with milk immediately. This will prevent them from starting to smell of milk.
  3. Clean you sink after washing the dishes, this keeps it from developing a slimy surface and a bad odour.
  4. Keep your vessels clean and maintain them well. Remove rust from stainless steel pots or just polish them with a rust removal agent (Make sure it is food grade). Keep your knives sharp, although it may seem contrary to logic, most kitchen accidents involving knives happen when they are blunt. You need to exert much less force with a sharp knife than you do with a blunt knife. If you are using ceramic knives, don’t think twice about replacing them when they become blunt. You can test the sharpness of a knife by trying to cut a piece of paper – hold the paper vertical and cut down into it; a sharp knife will glide into the paper like it was soft butter.
  5. Oil the wooden cutting boards and serving boards with neutral vegetable oils. This increases their lifespan and gives them a brilliant lustre. Do this for your other woodenware as well.
  6. Use proper cleaning tools, go for quality over quantity here by buying only as many tools as you can manage cleaning with. Store them somewhere accessible but away from the eye. Under the sink is a good spot.
  7. Keep the counter tops clean, it is very easy for stuff other than food to pile up on the kitchen counter. Keep it clear of all the bills and newspapers and ready to use for cooking and eating.
  8. Make sure you have adequately large garbage bins. This means you take out the trash less often, but make sure you take out the trash at least once a week.
  9. Develop good cooking habits. These will make sure you don’t use more than you need and will consequently reduce the amount of cleaning you do.
  10. Don’t scrub your cast-iron cookware vigorously while cleaning it, this will remove any patina that is being formed. The patina layer is what makes cast-iron cookware so unique. Instead of scrubbing vigorously, use a soft sponge with warm water to clean your cookware. This will make sure that the cookware keeps producing food that makes you happy.