Kitchen Maintenance

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of a home, and if used frequently requires maintenance just as often. Maintenance does not need to be viewed as a chore but as a way to keep things efficient and save money.

Refrigerator Maintenance.

The cooling unit of a refrigerator can become inefficient quite quickly if the refrigerator is not maintained well. The coils at the back of the refrigerator need to be cleaned regularly, ideally with a vacuum cleaner.This keeps the cooling unit efficient. The freezer compartment needs to be free from ice, this means that the ice must be chipped away or the refrigerator must be defrosted. Either method will remove the ice and improve the efficiency of the compartment. If you are chipping away the ice, make sure not to damage the walls of the freezing compartment.

Garbage Disposal Areas.

Often a kitchen can start to develop a rotting smell, more often than not, it is the Garbage Disposal area that is guilty (At other times it might be a clogged drain in the sink). To get rid of the smell from the Garbage Disposal area, clean the cans or if you are using an automated disposal system, drop in lemon peels and run the system. This should remove the smell from the Garbage Disposal Area.

Microwave and Oven Maintenance.

Wash the trays frequently. Clean the walls of the oven and microwave when they start to look a little dirty. To make the process of cleaning easier, microwave some diluted lemon juice along with some lemon peels. This will make it easier to remove the grease from the walls of the microwave.

Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance.

Creaky cabinet doors are horrible to use and rust sometimes prevents a door from even opening. In this cases consider using some WD-40 spray on the hinges and then opening and closing the door until the liquid soaks into the hinge material. Wipe off any excess liquid using a rag. This eliminates the need to call in a professional for these small problems.

Kitchen Counter Maintenance.

Keep the counter top clutter free and free from the stray bill and old newspaper. The counter top is meant to prepare food and eat on. Laminated counter tops require frequent maintenance and may require professional assistance. Most other counter tops like granite require very little maintenance.

Dishwasher Maintenance.

To clean the stains and mould, consider running your dishwasher with some lemon juices with water. Also, only run the dishwasher on full load, this saves electricity and water.

Range Hood Maintenance.

The filter of the range hood needs to be cleaned frequently or it will stop functioning effectively due to the accumulation of dust.