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Oaktree Bespoke

Your wardrobe. Your triumph.

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Oaktree Bespoke

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A new wardrobe is your chance to design something magnificent. Shoot for the sky with style ideas, and do things ‘your’ way with an Oaktree bespoke wardrobe.

Luxurious materials. Out-of-this-world designs. Exotic colours. State-of-the-art feels easy when you have Oaktree experts on your team. Let’s create a masterpiece together.

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A space just for you

Exquisite clothes deserve a wardrobe to match. Display your silks. Hang your saris. Fold away your winter clothes. You choose what you can see and what is safely tucked away until next season. And you decide which compartments to lock valuables in. We offer floor-to-ceiling wardrobes exactly how you want them. Any design, any way – to create the most delightful space for you.

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Explore. Discover. Treasure.

The finest materials in the world? We have them right here in Bangalore. And we can look further afield to find whatever’s right for you too. Unusual finishes, one-off fabrics or hand-made flourishes. Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll find it for you – in a colour and finish that looks incredible.

Every detail delights

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Hidden gems and open secrets 

A wardrobe can have many purposes. Perhaps yours will house a media centre, television, or a workspace? Maybe you want open shelves for ornaments and clothes. Or does everything go behind doors and drawers? Open or closed, we can create a design – from scratch – that suits your lifestyle.

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So much more than meets the eye 

Like a swan gliding effortlessly on a lake, our soft-closings and light-touch openings do more than just one thing. We use precision engineering and high-end mechanisms to create unrivalled smoothness as our drawers and doors glide open and closed. Come and see for yourself in our workshop.

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By your side – from concept to aftercare and beyond

We’re here to work through every detail of your wardrobe design and creation. We stay in touch to help you maintain and upkeep your wardrobe – so it stays immaculate long beyond the warranty period.

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What happens next?

Speak to our team today

Visit our studio workshop

We can’t wait to hear your plans and show you some samples. Come in for a cup of tea and we can talk – no need to make an appointment.


Meet your Oaktree consultant

Decisions, decisions – so much easier with some expert help. Talk to our consultants and designers to select the perfect finishes, fixtures and fittings for you.


Our design, your way

We finalise the details and materials and discuss any adjustments. When you’re happy, it’s time to pay your deposit.


Crafting your kitchen

Now our production team’s ready to start. We complete every kitchen in one go in our workshop, and it’s all hands on deck until we reach perfection.



Now your kitchen is ready, it’s home time. Our not-happy-until-you-are installation team takes 10-15 days to fit your kitchen – we work around you.


The care continues

At Oaktree we’re here to service your kitchen through the warranty period and far beyond.

Ready to start your
Oaktree project?

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Experience a touch of magic

Creating your kitchen/wardrobe is exciting for us too. Designing on our laptops. Drafting and rendering in CAD. Sending the designs to our machines and into our workshop ­– where our craftspeople turn lines and measurements into beautiful, real-life creations ready for you to use and admire. We believe in our magic. And we want to share it with you when you visit the Oaktree workshop.

Visit out Showroom