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Oaktree Display Kitchen

Thinking it through, getting it right


When you choose a new kitchen, there is a lot to think about. Get it right, and you feel delighted everyday.

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At Oaktree, we don’t just design beautiful kitchens. We are here every step of the way to help you make the best choices. 

This Kitchen has been designed for a busy family. We have created zones, so more than one person can be productive at a time: Cleaning zone; Storage zones for consumables (including perishables) and non-consumables; Preparation zone; Cooking zone and Mixed use Island - for food prep, serving and entertaining. 


At Oaktree, we say delight is in the detail. Here are just some of the finer details you will see in this kitchen: 

  • Electronic touch opening and closing for the overhead units. You don’t have to be too tall to operate it!
  • Custom drawers in slim walnut finish. They hold 40 kgs of weight and are tested for over 1lakh cycles. That’s more than 20 years of glorious soft close and opening. They are full-extension drawers, which means every inch of the drawer space is accessible when open. Our drawers are fitted with automatic lights that turn on when you open them. These are drawers you want to use!
  • Anti skid mats inside the drawers ensures that everything stays exactly where you put it. Easy to remove and clean, without having to scrub the whole drawer.
  • Tall and small pantry units for storage of provisions, snacks, oils, sauces and condiments. A place for everything. 
  • A classic Spanish marble as the counter top, backsplash and sink gives the kitchen a seamless look. The counter top on the sink side has been moulded beautifully (Oaktree Bombay detail) to prevent any water from spillage on the doors and the floor. So no wet floor in your wet zone! Shark nose detail on the rest of the counter gives it a slim and light feel with a neat finger pull detail.
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Creating a dream kitchen is a marriage of big plans and small details.

Oaktree is here with you to help you with both. Come, see our designs and speak to our consultants at the Oaktree studio, Bangalore.

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