Base Units

Easy Access Essentials

Our two level deep drawer storage allows a seamless finish outside and a practical method of organization inside. The first level has racks that you can always pull out, to clean them or to have ready access to all your ingredients on the counter.

Crockery Drawer

The second level gives you quick and easy access to your everyday crockery. This allows you to plate your food quickly and efficiently. The partitions are adjustable to make sure that every piece of crockery you own, can sit comfortably inside.

'All Drawers' Base Unit

The sheer variety of our drawers will ensure that you always have a way to organize all your kitchen favourites. Now everything has a place where it belongs.

Pots, Pans & Lids Drawer

The adjustable partitions are your best friend when you want to create unique spaces for each of your prized vessels and dishes.

Cutlery Drawer

This cutlery drawer holds all of your everyday cutlery. Need to taste the curry or sauce quickly to make sure it’s just right? Just reach below and grab a spoon!

Drawer Organizer

The built in Knife rack will help you store knives in a safe and convenient manner. No more worrying about searching for knives in the drawer or even blunting your blades when you put them in the drawer.

Wooden Cutlery Drawer

Our drawers with wooden partitions are perfect for cutlery that you keep for special occasions.

Stainless Steel Cutlery Drawer

Stainless-steel partitions for your kitchen utensils will make sure your utensils are always stored in a hygienic environment.

Thali & Plate Drawer

The deep rack drawers allow you to store dishes and vessels in a way that suits them well.

Large Vessels Drawer

The anti-slip mats and the slow closing mechanism from Blum will always prevent your vessels from clattering when you open or close each drawer.

Corner Drawer

Our corner drawers maximise on ease of use. No more having to move from one place to the another just to get your cooking vessels.

Spice Drawer

We have designed a spice rack close to the stove for you to have quick access to your spices and seasonings while cooking. Now, you won’t have to move away from the stove to reach for the spices you forgot to keep ready.

Baking Tray Drawer

A three level version of our drawer system with a unified exterior finish that’s perfect for baking and serving trays

Baking Tray Deep Drawer

Our deep rack drawers are the perfect size for you to store all your baking and serving trays.

Everyday Essentials

A rack is meant to keep immediate replenishment for your every-day ingredient supplies.

Seating + Drawer

The kitchen options can always be outfitted with storage under them. The perfect extra space for your cheat day goodies.

Waste Segregator

Segregating your waste for recycling and proper disposal has never been easier with our waste disposal solutions. Starting from two containers for dry and wet waste, the number of containers can be increased as per requirements.

Wall Units

One Touch Open/Close

Our one touch open/close system allows you to operate the system without handles. It is the ideal choice for people who feel that handles break the appearance of a smooth and even finish on their storage units.

Bi-fold Wall Cabinet

The Bi-fold Wall cabinet system ensures that the handles of the overhead storage units are always within reach. The doors can be stopped at any position ensuring that you always only have to open it enough to reach for the things you need.

Drying Rack Wall Unit

The over-the-sink rack gives you a place to put your washed vessels and crockery immediately after washing them.

Tall Units

Heavy Duty Tall Unit

These are the perfect units to store all your heavy cast iron vessels and casseroles. It ensures that all these vessels are never crowded together and are easily accessible. They are also useful to store large quantities of ingredients like grains and cereals.

Built-in Refrigerator

The built-in refrigerator prevents you from having to deal with an odd element in the kitchen that does not match the overall theme.

Monthly Supply Wall Unit

Our racks are the perfect storage area for all your tinned and tetrapaked goods or even spare ingredients. Store it all in one area with this unit.

These drawers are fitted with anti-slip mats. These will make sure that opening and closing the drawers will not make anything shift inside.